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Monument Small DTC Thread Chart - MON530J

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Monument Small DTC Thread Chart - MON530J


Product Features.


  • Holds a great deal of useful information for Engineers, Draughtsmen, Toolmakers, Model Engineers and Designers.
  • Made to a very high quality from a white plastic with printed letters.
  • Converts mm. to in.
  • Fractions in. to mm.
  • Standard Wire Gauge.Thread diameters.
  • Drill sizes in. & mm.
  • Threads per in.
  • Metric pitches.
  • Clearing drill sizes.
  • Tapping drill sizes.
  • BSF,BSW, BA, BSP(GAS), ISO Metric Fine, ISO Metric coarse, UNF No.0 to 1in., UNC No.1 to 1in. NB
  • This is NOT a heating calculator.
  • Pocket size.
  • Dia. 4 1/8in. 105mm.
  • Display pack.

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