Monument 45mm Vari-Pitch One-piece Holesaw - MON1851O

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Monument 45mm Vari-Pitch One-piece Holesaw - MON1851O

Monument 45mm Vari-Pitch One-piece Holesaw - MON1851O


Generally no cutting fluids are required, but for cast iron use paraffinand for stainless steel use a cutting compound.


Do not exceed recommended working speeds, as shown below.


Working Speeds. Mild Steel = 190rpm, Cast Iron = 130rpm, Stainless Steel = 95rpm


High quality tool with M42 Cobalt High Speed Steel Cutting blades with variable pitch teeth for

Stainless, mild and galvanised steels, cast iron, aluminium, copper, brass, plastics, wood.

Supplied with a split point HSS pilot drill (45mm) which reduces skidding on convex surfaces,

Eliminating the need for pre-punch.


Product Features.


  • Depth of cut: 32mm (double depth if the work is reversed)
  • Diameter: 45mm
  • 11.5 Shank
  • When cutting mild steel (incl. aluminium, copper, brass, zinc, plastics, wood) no lubricant is necessary
  • complete with integral mandrel
  • cutting blades have 6 teeth per inch
  • eliminates the need for pre-punching
  • Mild steel 190rpm
  • Cast iron 130rpm
  • Stainless steel 95rpm
  • Available in a range of sizes from 16mm up to 101mm
  • Display pack


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