Monument Lectra Compact Flameless Soldering System - 240V - MON8025J

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Monument Lectra Compact Flameless Soldering System - 240V - MON8025J

MonumentLectra Compact Flameless Soldering System - 240V - MON8025J


Using technology designed originally for thawing frozen pipes on North Sea oil rigs the Combi and Compact soldering systems have been developed to provide a fast, safe and easy to use alternative to conventional methods of soft and hard soldering.


Ready to operate soldering system for: Plumbers, Contractors, Maintenance, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration engineers. Copper pipe joints can now be soldered in seconds without the need for open, naked flames.


For use in hospitals, hotels, airports, listed buildings and other locations where naked flames present a fire risk. Electrodes ensure even heat distribution around the pipe giving targeted heat for precise applications.


Replaceable graphite electrodes can be interchanged with bar electrodes for use in confined spaces; and when hard soldering and brazing.


Product Features.


  • Replaceable graphite electrodes
  • For soft soldering 6mm to 22mm Copper Pipes
  • Output: 2200W
  • Primary transformer: 240V
  • Secondary transformer: 7V
  • Intermediate operation
  • Weight: approximately 5.5kg
  • Case dimensions: L230mm W60mm H2300mm
  • Electrical Cable Length: approximately 1.8m
  • Soldering Cable Length: approximately 2.6m


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