Monument Manual Manhole Cover Lifter - MON1045P

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Monument Manual Manhole Cover Lifter - MON1045P

Monument Manual Manhole Cover Lifter - MON1045P


Product Features.


Made of a robust construction allowing one man quickly and safely to lift manhole covers.

Capable of lifting square, rectangular, round, triangular and split covers.

The Lifter is simple and quick to assemble, allowing a cover to be lifted within 1 minute of arrival on site.

The compact design means the Lifter fits easily into the boot of a car.

Total weight 25kg.

The lifter comes with seal breakers and one pair of keys.

The rotating lifting eye enables the position of the lifter to be the perfect lifting point.

This lifter is only suitable to lift 2 key hole covers, for 4 key hole covers you should use the MON1043J Hydraulic Manhole Cover Lifter.

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