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Monument Freezemaster to Freeze 8mm to 42mm Pipe - 240v - MONFRZ420D240

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Monument Freezemaster to Freeze 8mm to 42mm Pipe - 240v - MONFRZ420D240

Monument Freezemaster to Freeze 8mm to 42mm Pipe - 240v - MONFRZ420D240


With freeze heads that fit pipes up to 42mm, this freezemasteris made both for domestic and light industrial use. The machine is self-regulating, able to control and maintain temperatures. All Freeze Master Machines include the patented microprocessor controlled refrigerant delivery system. A pre-programmed control circuit ensuring precise quantities of liquid feed to the freeze heads.


This technology is proven to dramatically deliver reliable performance when the job demands a large and a small pipe or a hot and a cold pipe to be frozen at the same time. Like all Freeze Master Machines it uses only ozone-friendly refrigerants that are not wasted into the room - a comforting thought when you're working in a confined space and/or using an open flame. Its operating parameters are calibrated to allow colder mean temperatures with greater sensitivity to unwanted heat pick-up: from a warmer ambient temperature for example or from the heat of a plumber's blow torch. The result is a stronger, longer freeze block.


The MONFRZ420D240 has new multilayer hoses with fittings and manifold attachments designed for the latest demands in cryogenic apparatus. Assembly of the freezemaster is carried out with the same strict attention to quality and control inculcated in the former design resulting in a performance machine that can freeze 42mm copper pipes up to 25% faster.


All machines are supplied with the recently invented Bungee Clamps (making them the most versatile to fit), freeze cream, insulating towels, gloves and fittings to freeze from 8mm to 42mm. Freeze Master offers powerful, fast, electronically controlled freezing in a superbly engineered and constructed package. The MONFRZ420D240 sets the industry standard."


Product Features.


  • This freezemaster is distinguished by its all new silver case and includes a new ergonomically designed lay flat handle
  • An easy access storage compartment for reducers to freeze 8mm to 42mm runs along the top rear
  • The freezemaster’s case body has three openings where hoses and mains lead can be slotted so the machine can be used with the lid closed
  • Freeze Heads retain the original patented features but are designed to fit straight onto 42mm pipes with reducer fittings to suit and the fixing screw changed to M6 thread
  • The freezemaster aluminium heads & reducers have a smart silver anodised finish
  • Spare reducer screws are supplied and stored in two panel fixings between the hose positions
  • Compatibility with earlier models is retained by using the 35mm fitting


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